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Hi my friends, today I just share my attention on some cover version of songs. There will be no "deep reflection" or "certain theory about life" here. It is just something that I collected since I was student in undergraduate.  

I will share some songs related to Linkin Park. I remember that one of my friends just showed me a video in order to inform that there is a new comer. I didn't notice the singer who brought Linkin park's song – shadow of the day. It was about one year later; I got some information from YouTube that the band who sang the song was Boyce Avenue. Another occasion, I found out that Evanescence also made cover version of Linkin Park’s Song – Numb. Both of Boyce Avenue and Evanescence are good enough presenting the song’s cover by using their own style. In addition, both of them involved keyboard (piano) in their song cover performance. Even though "the velocity" of the song is slower than the original one, I still enjoy the cover version. Surprisingly, I found that Linkin Park performed Adele’s song – Rolling in the deep. Wow... I can’t decide who the best singer between Linkin Park and Adele is. I like both versions.

Check these videos!

Shadow of The Day

Boyce Avenue


Linkin Park




Linkin Park

The Amazing performance of: Linkin Park and Adele performed the same song by using their own style 

So, have you ever reviewed some songs recently? Share your experience and your feeling regarding to some songs in your life in the comment box below. Thanks for sharing.

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