My opinion about fanfiction

Initially, I wasn't intend to visit a fanfiction’s blog. As I was bored toward political news and many things scattered in my facebook’s timeline, I tried to back to my old habit. Somehow, I like to browse random news, visit many blogs and (sometimes) read some stories made by people who love certain fictional characters or several celebrities in the world; fanfiction.

Fanfiction is a kind of fiction story written by fans of certain characters. The characters could be some members of a famous boy/girl band nowadays, several charming actors and actresses of dramas, some of fiction characters based on a novel or a manga, and so forth. These writers use those existing characters as main roles in their story. Therefore, we – as visitor and reader – can imagine the visual of those characters easily.

This fictional story is divided into several genres. It looks like genre in novel and manga such as comedy, angst, fluff, horror, action, history, alternate universe (AU), etc. However, a story could consist of some of those genres mixed. As far I know, as long as I get a good written story, I can enjoy twisting plot or unpredictable action through the story. However, when I feel uneasy to read certain story, I will leave it.

Many movies, novels, fairy tales which adapted into fanfiction’s stories can ruin your past imagination of something you love. It happens because you still hold “some identities” of those characters that you knew well in the past. For example, Hermione never befriend or get along with Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter’s series. You will shock when you find out that Hermione and Draco are falling in love each other in certain fanfiction. So, this kind of story is out of what the original writer had. Thereby, there will be “haters” who dislike their lovely character humiliated by the writer. Of course, there will be some mocked comments left by haters in the comment’s section. However, fanfiction’s community/forum is good enough for at least two kinds of writers; people who eager to write story for fun and people who want to improve their writing capability.

The first type of writers, these people like to write everything related to their preferred character mixed to their imagination without consideration of their future reader. Furthermore, these kinds of writers are quite moody and depend on the situation related to the real life of their preferred character. There was a story that I could remember, a story related to Kris (ex member of EXO-M). It was a chaptered story and unfinished. I found out a reason in the last written chapter. The writer apologized upon her failed updating because she was heartbroken toward Kris’s leaving EXO.

The second type of writers, fanfiction coud be media for people who want to improve their skill in writing. By using some popular images as their main roles, they attracted people who love those images such that they gain many visitors. It means that they have a big chance to receive many comments upon their “masterpiece”. Hence, they use the feedback for their upcoming writing. One I knew later, there was a fanfiction's writer in Canada became a real novelist some weeks ago.

Overall, fanfictional story could be interesting or even disturbing. It similar to read some novels or books, we can decide to read entirely, or just leave it on certain page. One thing that I can appreciate from those writers, they let their imagination flow by their words. Even though I don't know their real identities (they could be teenager, young adult, adult, female, or male), they gain their own fans through their "masterpiece"; fanfiction.

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